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This is me!

I’m Lisa, a Virtual Assistant + Social Media Manager based in Exeter, Devon but I work remotely so can work with you wherever you may be.

I can help you with your Small Business by taking away the tasks that are essential to the day to day running and growth that you may not have time to do or fill you with dread.

Being a business owner, certainly in the beginning gives you several different roles, Head Honcho, Marketer, Book Keeper, Marketer, Writer, Buyer and lots of other things. Essentially everything is down to you, and that is a lot to take on board.

I hear the term ‘Juggle Struggle’ a lot as a parent of three kids. As a Mother, and a Woman we strive for ‘having it all’, but the reality is that not many of us achieve this alone. Look at the women that inspire you, whether it’s someone in the media or another school mum, and I guarantee that she will have people and systems in place to make her life run as smoothly as possible. It could be that she has her ironing sent out, a cleaner, her Mum on hand for childcare and her Husband who shares the cooking. She’s not doing it alone!

The same goes for your Business!

Having worked in the NHS for twenty years with various roles I’ve learnt to work at a very high level of organisation with good attention to detail. Alongside this I’m a Freelance Blogger at where I write about all things parenting. This has given me a huge range of skills from writing blog posts, working with brands and social media skills.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant can offer help in so many ways from general administrative tasks to sourcing systems and apps to streamline your business. A Virtual Assistant isn’t your employee but a person that you outsource tasks to on a freelance basis. There’s no need to provide an office, a desk or even equipment! Think of it as having a Secretary or Personal Assistant on a Pay As You Go basis.

It’s likely that your Virtual Assistant works from home or even an office located at the other side of the world. Some may be local to you and can offer onsite help as and when needed. Thankfully technology is our friend and means that we can work from anywhere, in any time zone.

The Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • Only pay for hours worked
  • You get time back to do what you love
  • No recruitment or agency fees
  • Your work will be completed to a high standard – it’s in the Virtual Assistant’s interest to produce work of a high standard
  • No tax, National Insurance or employee benefits to pay
  • Flexibility – increase and decrease hours to suit your needs

Sounds good doesn’t it.

On top of this, I have naturally transitioned into the world of Social Media Management. I can help you with everything from building your strategy, content creation and scheduling, as well as all the geek data behind the scenes bits. 

Have a look through the Services that I offer for Virtual Assistant Services and Social Media Management Services to see how I can take some of the load off. If you’re not sure how we can work together then drop me an email or fill in my short Enquiry Form to see if we are a good match.

Lisa Jackson Virtual Assistant Services - helping Bloggers and Small Business Owners with their admin tasks

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