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Administrative Services

Before setting up my own business I worked within the NHS in various admin roles. For the most part I worked as a Medical Secretary and Team Leader for a team of Breast and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons. As you can imagine, this was a fast paced setting dealing with multiple tasks at any given time which has transferred across to working with multiple clients.

I’ve decided to separate my services into two areas which will hopefully make things a little bit easier. These are the Administrative Services that I offer, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the list then please send me a message either through my Contact Page or email me at

  • Email management – Prioritising emails that need your urgent attention, dealing with queries and deleting emails that you don’t need to see
  • Diary Management – Scheduling meetings and events to suit your needs
  • Templates – Whether this is a letter header, agenda or meeting template, I can set these up for you to use time and again
  • Research – This can be anything from hotels to the best apps to use within your business
  • Typing – handwritten notes or audio transcription
  • Facebook page and group management
  • Newsletter – Setting up, writing, editing and scheduling
  • Forum commenting and moderating
  • Writing, editing, formatting reports and presentations

 Lifestyle Management

  • Buying gifts and setting up reminders for important events
  • Finding and booking restaurants and events
  • House moving
  • Comparing and researching cheaper utility companies

Do you need help with your Blog?

I’ve been running my own blog for a good few years now and love the Blogging Community. It’s also a great way for businesses to reach out to their customers. I can help you with:

  • Blog post creation – I’m a Parenting and Lifestyle blogger but I can write about most topics
  • Research – researching topics and sourcing images
  • Managing Comments – moderating and responding to comments
  • Back office WordPress tasks – Updating categories, plug-ins, broken links, re-directs

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