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Let’s Talk Canva!

It’s a fact that when you start your own business you become the EVERYTHING from Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Accountant and Chief Tea Maker!

At the beginning, most of us shoulder the whole lot, and it’s hard. We don’t all have the skills or knowledge to complete some of the tasks required. You can of course outsource almost anything if you have the budget, but there are alternatives available should you not be quite there yet.

Canva is an awesome tool to create everything you need in business from Social Media Graphics to Thank You Cards to send out with orders. It’s user friendly and has a vast number of pre-made templates that can be used whatever type of business you have. Click Here to sign up for a FREE Canva account.

For those of us that like to be a bit more creative, you can build your own templates to use to create consistent branding that can be replicated across your website and across all your social media platforms. If you have yet to sign up for Canva, then make yourself a cuppa and click this link – you will be hooked!

If you don’t have even a fleck of creativity within your being, and some of us don’t then there are templates that you can manipulate by changing the colours, fonts and images that match your brand.

Custom Template Design

If you want to take out the hassle of learning yet another system, I can of course create a custom template set that you can use time and again. Just drop me an email for a quote to

Buy my Canva Template Bundles


I have a selection of Canva Templates available to buy on Etsy – These are a great solution for people who are time poor but want to give a consistent and professional look across their social media platforms.

Come and make some Canva Templates with me

Come and join me over at the Canva Template Hub – A FREE Facebook Group where you can find my latest designs as well as hints and tips to use these for your social media presence.

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