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Social Media Audit

If you’re confused about why your Social Media Marketing isn’t working – A Social Media Audit is for you.

A Social Media Audit is an affordable option to:

Ensure that your profiles are optimised for success
Look at the best kind of content to reach out to your audience
Get bespoke advice and actionable tips to improve your Social Media presence

Audits are available for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and at £99 per platform.

You can book in directly for a Social Media Audit – Once completed you will get a PDF that will explain the findings as well as advice and tips which you can implement yourself.A Book Now Button for a Social Media Audit

Social Media Platform set-up and maintenance

If you’re a new business or haven’t developed your online presence, then you may want some help with the set-up of multiple platforms. Making sure that your platforms are optimised for your target audience is key to gaining organic growth and engagement.

Social Media Management

I offer a full Social Media Management Service which includes the following.

Content Planning

A Social Media Manager can help you plan your content around any launches, events and news that you have coming up in your business that aligns with your overall business goals and strategy. Having consistency across your social media platforms is key to attracting, engaging and maintaining your target audience.

Content Creation

This can mean many things. Social Media has multiple options now, so content comes in many forms such as short form video (Reels/TikTok/YouTube Shorts), stories and graphics.

Making sure that you utilise all of these for your business gives you the best chance of growing and retaining your audience. Content Creation can be done with as much or as little input from you as a Business Owner. You provide the prompts and I can put together the content curating the content to speak directly to your target audience with your business voice in mind. Having a weekly/monthly plan of content ready to go which fits in with your overall marketing plan or strategy makes life so much easier. Consistency is the secret sauce to keeping an engaged and loyal audience.


This tedious but very important part of Social Media Management gives you peace of mind that you have a constant stream of content going out on your platforms. If you already have a preferred scheduling tool, I can continue to do this for you, or I can set up a scheduling tool based on your preferred social media platforms.


People want answers before they buy, but they won’t wait long to get them before they give up and spend their money with someone else. A Social Media Manager can monitor your platforms, responding to comments and messages quickly. This will stop your customers from looking elsewhere – it’s another customer service portal.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Each month I will provide you with your metrics. These are used to determine the kind of content that is both attracting a new audience as well as engaging your current audience. These metrics are very important in determining the type of content that you should be working towards in the future. Your metrics will also give you a good insight to the type of people you’re attracting and to ascertain whether they are your ideal audience. The metrics are also used to find out when your audience are most active and therefore the best times for you to be posting. These will also be used to test and improve your overall strategy.

The list is endless and if you don’t see what you’re looking for then ask. If it’s not something I can help you with, I’m pretty sure I can point you in the direction of somebody who can.

This is a bespoke package based on your individual Business.

Prices from £550 – Enquire Here

Facebook Group Management

Maybe you have a group for your business and you need help to keep the group active and engaged. You will need to show up in your own group, but the day to day management and moderation can be done for you.

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