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What you sayin!

Sorry I did totally steal that from the young people!

It’s nice getting recognition or a compliment for the work you’ve completed. Here is some of the Client Testimonials I’ve received from both previous and current clients. 

What my clients are saying about my services


“I first started working with Lisa in the summer when I had the sudden realisation that I needed to outsource some of my administration to more talented and efficient individuals than myself, and Lisa was the first one of many to answer my call for help on LinkedIn. I decided to work with her, not because she was the first to get in touch, but because she impressed me with her knowledge and understanding of social media, and this was an area I desperately needed help with. She has been managing my instagram and Pinterest accounts to create effect, making them look much more visually appealing, using the right hashtags, and helping me to build my reach and my reputation. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her ” – Claire


“Lisa did an amazing job assisting me with a research assignment and creating a great spreadsheet to summarise the data. She was able to provide detail on the information that I provided and she completed within a timely manner. Thank you so much for your help Lisa!” – Jilandra


“I hired Lisa to help me copy listing from my Etsy shop over to my Shopify account. Lisa was very easy to work with and super quick. She was able to get everything from my Etsy shop to my Shopify account exactly how it was on Etsy. She made sure all the variations, pictures, and quantities were the same. I would highly recommend Lisa for any of your Etsy, Shopify, E-commerce marketplace needs!” – Christine


“I went to Lisa with an Instagram account that had grown weeds, and she turned it around with a consistent weekly plan of content and graphics. My account is now thriving as are the leads that continue to come. Lisa set up my branding with colours that compliment, along with fonts and images. Thank you so much” – Christine


“Lisa has been a valuable and reliable addition to the content and social media services that I offer clients. I have hired her on a number of occasions for engagement across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which has resulted in growth for the clients across all platforms. She has been accurate, diligent, and professional in her dealings with me and with my clients. She has delivered all she promised and more! She’s also great at communication, which is key when working in a team. Her work has been carefully thought out, and she has been able to stick to the brand tone of voice and guidelines that I’ve given her. She has been timely in her analytics reports, and offered genuine feedback on engagement tactics that has shown she really takes the time to understand my clients, and get the best results for them. I would highly recommend Lisa, it’s been fabulous to have such a reliable specialist to work with my clients, and will be hiring her again in the future!”

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