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Do you need help with your Admin Tasks and Social Media Management ?

Working with a Virtual Assistant can save you time by taking away the Admin Tasks and Social Media Management that take you away from your business.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant can offer help in so many ways from general administrative tasks to sourcing systems and apps to streamline your business. A Virtual Assistant isn’t your employee but a person that you outsource tasks to on a freelance basis. There’s no need to provide an office, a desk or even equipment! Think of it as having a Secretary or Personal Assistant on a Pay As You Go basis.

What is a Social Media Manager?

Alongside Admin Tasks, I have a love of all things Social Media.

Social Media is much more than posting pretty pictures. It’s about looking at your overall objectives and what you hope to achieve. Having a plan, creating content, building relationships with your ideal clients or customers and keeping them engaged is all part and parcel. After all – people buy from people.

Consistency and Branding is key to implementing your strategy.

Having a Social Media Audit is a great starting point to see what’s performing well, but also what’s not doing too well.

You found me because you were looking for ways to simplify your working life. Working Smarter instead of Harder is the way forward.  Let’s have a look at a way I can help you with your Admin Tasks and Social Media Management.

Fill in my Enquiry Form to see if I can help you.